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Sooth, Cleanse, Heal


Check out these frequently asked questions

Why do I need to steam,  I don't have issues with my vagina?

"Steaming is not just for women with health challenges, it is a natural holistic way of detoxing your womb, purging old relationships, and reconnecting with your creative center"


Is it true that steaming can help with, fibroids, endometriosis, cramps, and infertility?

If you have a medical condition please see a physician, steaming should not be used to treat medical illnesses, however it has been reported that steaming helps relieve the discomfort of endometriosis, and cramps, helps shrink fibroids, and cleanses the womb in preparation for conception.


Can I steam when I am on my period?

No, it's best to wait at least 3 days after your period is over.


Can I steam if I am pregnant?

No steaming when you are pregnant, but it's great after the baby is born


Why can't I have sex before I steam?

Because sometimes the vagina may be a bit sensitive after intercourse and the heat from the steam may cause discomfort


What kind herbs are in my steam?

A special blend of fresh 100% organic herbs, check out the PDF on the resource page to learn how to mix your own


Why can't I steam if I have an IUD?

Some IUD's are copper and may be affected by the heat


Can the heat from the steam burn me?

The steam is hot but never too hot to burn you, you are in control of how much heat you can handle


Will anyone else be in the room with me?

No, the steaming room is private, your experience should be an intimate time of quiet relaxation and reflection. 


Can I have a steaming party with a few of my girlfriends?

Yes, private parties are available upon request for a minimum of 4


I had a hysterectomy how can steaming benefit me?

Steaming can be beneficial for every woman, its great for emotional release and cleansing and tightening the vaginal walls.


Who should not do a vaginal steam?

Women who are pregnant, or think they might be, should NOT do vaginal steaming. Many of the herbs used can alter hormone levels and cause contractions of the uterus. However after delivery, the vaginal steam bath could be performed as early as the first day or within the next seven days. Although minimum contraindications have been reported women who have an Intrauterine Device (IUD) should aid on the side of caution. If open sores, blisters or a fever are present you are encouraged not to steam until the symptoms have subsided. Women also should not steam while menstruating it ’s the body’s natural cleansing process that I do not interfere with. I do not steam men; I’ve found excessive warming the testicles actually inhibits sperm production.

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